About Us

We are a group of young string players striving to become better musicians — to play “in tune” and also to be “in tune” with the needs of our community. We founded InTune in 2011 with the goal of using music to raise funds for charities benefitting children in need. InTune is registered as a Colorado nonprofit. Our current members are:

Eloise Hodges – violin

Natalie Hodges – violin

Ben Roberts – cello

Ethan Durell – viola

How We Got Started

In 2006, we were involved in fundraising for Heifer International with our church. We were able to gather around $50 through door-to-door collections in a week. After playing outside of a supermarket, we raised $200 in one hour.

We realized through this experience that music has the power to bring about positive social change. We started InTune in 2011 in the hopes of combining our two passions, classical music and community service.